I have children. Too many. Sure, it’s okay some of the time. But when it comes to dinner ideas for feeding a large, growing family, the rules of the home-cooking game don’t always apply. It’s hard to find crowd-pleasers; time and expense are always a concern; so are healthy ingredients; cookbooks are inspiring but limiting; so, too, are many online recipes, which don’t cater enough to large serving sizes.

But I’m resilient. We need to eat after all. I refuse to sacrifice in the flavour department. I also hate food waste and the associated costs. And I like second-helpings and leftovers! The problem is: so do all my kids.

I’ve started this website as an experiment and an outlet. It’s really just a way to keep track of what I like, what works, etc. With that goal in mind, I want to share some of my family favourites, in the hope of developing more recipes along the way. Many of these recipes owe their origins to various chefs, cookbooks, with a few family inheritances. Some are my own creations.

The strategy is simple: good food to ‘feed the family’. This isn’t easy – it never has been. Good ingredients can be expensive, so they need to be used well. This requires good planning, both in shopping and meal preparation. I like to think one or two weeks ahead. We typically map out a plan for the month, to accommodate busy days. It works for us.

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